Calculation of Golden ratio for a perfect physique

Have you not wondered why some architects or designers make things that are perfect? At the same time, there are educated and qualified professionals who are not able to produce that perfection. If you have read the Adonis Golden Ratio Review s online you can understand this is even used in the bodybuilding industry. The secret behind this is the concept of Golden Ratio. If you are hearing about the Golden Ratio for the first time we can give you the basic information about this measurement method.

Calculating the measurements using the Golden Ratio

The Adonis Golden Ratio reviews speak about the way they calculate the candidate’s physical measurement and set the target. The Golden ratio is represented by the Greek alphabet phi and 1:1.61 is the ratio you should achieve. This means each person will have different values to be achieved in order to get the perfect physique. You have to first take the measurements (circumference) of arms, wrist, shoulder, waist, upper thigh, knee, and calves. Body building programs like Adonis Golden Ratio explain that each body part’s Golden ratio depends on some other body part. For example, your shoulder circumference should be equal to that of (waist x 1.618). You can read the Adonis Golden Ratio reviews or guides to know the exact values you should achieve for the perfect measurements.

In mathematics, the Golden ratio is calculated between two values a and b when a is larger than b. The phi is equal to a divided by b which is equal to a+b divided by a. This value will be equal to 1.618. This is something natural that is present in everything in the universe. When the human body parts are proportioned according to this ratio it becomes attractive. Hence the bodybuilding programs use this to develop exercise programs and diet programs to build muscles and achieve this perfect body.