How to choose a pop up canopy tent?

If you are thinking that canopy tents can be used only as a party tent then you are wrong. It is a kind of tent which can be easily used for numerous reasons. Whether it is for providing shade or sheltered these are widely used. And it comes in various sizes.  When using it for a big event most of the times people go for 10 x 20 party tents. They can look formal as well as classy depending upon the event you will be using it for. They are of high quality and can give you proper shade when used in any outdoor event. It may need multiple people to set it up as it can be quite handy. So some amount of work has to be done when you have to put it up. In such cases the best you can get is a pop up canopy tent. It will reduce the amount of work that will be done. It will give the canopy style and shelter without putting much effort on setting it up. There are some of things that you have to consider when finding one.

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Before buying one decide what size you have to get, analyze the space first and estimate what size is the perfect for you. This is quite simple, count the number of chair or tables you will need and leave some space and measure accordingly. Choose what type of legs of the tent you will need, straight or slant ones. Straight legs tents are quite strong and reliable ones. Slant ones can be sleek but they may take up more space that straight ones. Decide the tent material keeping an eye on the weather. You can go for waterproof as well as heat resistant seeing the weather.