How to do Social Media Marketing by Yourself?

It is not always possible to outsource the social media marketing work for your brand. This might be because of particular complications, temporary reasons, or lack of funds. So although there’s a selection of amazing social media marketing service providers, you still need to have a good grasp of doing social media marketing by yourself.

In this article, we discuss exactly that.

Make a roadmap

A roadmap is what you need first of all. What channels do you need, how many people will you need, what assets will you need, and so on. There are many resources for growth online, like finding interns online to make social media graphics to co-promoting to increase your exposure.

Settle on aims and have goals

This is very important. Have short term aims and long term goals. Where do you want to be? Maybe you want a thousand subscribers in two months or five thousand likes on your Facebook fanpage. Goals and aims help you track your progress and be more efficient.


Be clear, simple, and to-the-point

When you create content – visual, oral, or written – be clear and to-the-point. On social media, people are scroll-friendly. They need something that grabs their attention but doesn’t take too much of their time. So be to-the-point and write in simple language.

Be relevant and specific

Don’t become general. Generalizing makes you lose your leads and decrease your value even if your traffic scales. Remain specialized to one niche and deliver quality content.

Be consistent and/or high quality

Consistency wins the battle. Even if your content isn’t really the top quality material out there – if you remain consistent, you have the chance to rank well among the top quality competitors of yours.

The second thing to take care of is the quality. Your content should be high quality if you can’t be too frequent on social media. It will be able to catch attention. Even if a handful people see your content, at least they will be targeted.

Being both consistent and high quality is the mantra for success in your social media marketing. Many service providers like employ the strategy of combining the two to get your brand to succeed.