Is your body attractive enough for the opposite gender?

Having a good looking body is the dream of each and every person. It is seen that most of the people that hit the gym are more inclined towards building a body that looks ripped. But have you ever thought that what the rules of looking attractive are. Well, they not exactly what has been portrayed on the cover pages of the fitness magazines. Though the guys with ripped muscles may look strong but not necessarily attractive. Whether you are a male or a female you need to understand that only the body that is able to attract the opposite sex is the one that is most attractive.

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What is this golden ratio about?


There can be some cultural differences on what is attractive and what is not but the overall pattern remains the same because it depends on the golden ratio. Click here for more information on the golden ratio. The golden ratio is the rule of attraction. Earlier it was something that was applicable for the faces and architecture and various other things but now it has been found out that even the body shapes can be identified as attractive and not so attractive on the basis of how much they fit into this amazing and universal ratio of attraction.

Why some people look more attractive?

You must make sure that when you are into the gym working out on the different parts of your body you do that according to this ratio. Visit here for more information on how to get the body shape according to the golden ratio. This ratio is equally applicable for men as well as women. You must have seen how even the non-muscular people look very attractive and they have huge fan following. This is only because their face and their body shape are according this ratio that is applicable to all.