Method and Cleaning Procedure That Can Be Used To Clean Bbq Grill Culture

Bbq grill culture maintenance can be challenging. What many of barbecue grillers might not know is that just like any other equipment it needs cleaning too. Daily cooking over the grill top leaves it dirty which is not visible to the naked eye. The left over harmless grease could be the soulful house of many microbes. It is important to clean the surface even if you enclose it with a cover daily.

To keep your barbecue grill surface clean and give it a long life, here are the steps that must be followed:

  • First step:

Brush the grill surfaces. This will keep the grill clean. This has to be a regular step in barbecue cleaning. Choice of the brush should be clearly judged on inspection of the type of surface.

A cast iron surface will need a stainless steel brush. Whereas, porcelain coated surface needs a brush made of brass.

  • Second step:

After cleaning the grill surface, cooking oil is spread on it. The grill must be cold so else cooking oil spread over it might catch fire. A light coat of cooking oil prevents a grill from rusting.

  • Third step:

Burner assemblies are to be changed periodically too. Gas valves, burners, metal conduits, etc. must be cleaned and checked for food debris, bugs and spiders.

Some of the other solutions which may enhance the betterment of your bbq grill:




  • Usage of baking soda:

One of the most common ingredients lying ideally at the spices rack is baking soda. This chemical compound is a miraculous baby. Areas of application of baking powder are many. One similar area of usage lies at the cleaning of grill surfaces. Be it any type of grill surface, sprinkling a bit of baking soda and scrubbing it with a dry brush will effectively clean it.

  • Aluminum foil:

The grill can be rubbed gently with the help of an aluminum foil to remove excess sticky grease.

  • Newspaper:

It can be soaked in water and placed on top of a grill as it is cooling down. After waiting for 45 minutes, the paper can be removed and reused to fight off hard grease.

These above-stated materials and method can be used to elongate the life of the griller that is so very dear to you. If you wish to learn more about barbecue equipment and the ways to clean it, check out the link bbqgrillculture.