Styles that can be made from Sarongs

A Sarong is a very long piece of fabric which is generally worn or wrapped around the waist. They are tied in a number of ways so that a variety of looks are achieved. Traditionally, the sarongs were worn by the men in the Middle East. Now, sarongs are very popular in almost all parts of the world as summer wear used by the women. Depending on what length the sarong is, it can be worn as either skirts or dresses. Women may feel uncomfortable in wearing a bikini, and hence they can choose to tie sarongs over the swimming costumes or the bikini. This additionally helps them to be not only comfortable but also stay cool.


There are number styles in which a sarong can be worn. They can be tied around the neck or the waist or even round the arms. The sarongs can be kept in a place where you intend it to be by using a buckle. Given below are lists of the ways in which one can use a Sarong.

Sarongs can be used as halter dresses by tying them behind the neck. Using sarongs as halter dresses make the woman who is wearing it very classy and trendy.

Sarongs can be used as beautiful and gorgeous long skirts. They are generally used as long skirts when a woman may feel uncomfortable in the swimsuits or the bikinis. This gives a very stylish look.

Sarongs are also used by a number of women as toga dresses, which make them look very elegant and pretty.

Sarongs can be folded in halves so as to create a triangle and can be used as pretty triangle skirts. This type of a style is used by the women mostly on the beaches.

Thus, sarongs can be used in various styles and help the women achieve a very trendy and stylish look.