Types of Modern Bags in Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion is a huge industry. There are tons of modern bags in this category. In this article, we will talk about a few.

Note that this list isn’t an ultimate resource. After all, no article can document all types of bags that there are in the whole wide range of women’s fashion.

Evening bags

An evening bag, also known as a clutch, is a strapless bag that can be called a purse. It is carried in hand. Many clutches have ring handles, some have simple handles, and yet some have shoulder or wrist straps. By far our favorite picksare clutches with hand grabs. They’re just stunning.

For example, the Crystal Knuckle Box with a ring handle from Diophy Singapore is a high-quality product that a lot of women absolutely love. It’s perfect in every way and takes care of all purposes a clutch is supposed to.


diophy bags


Structured handbags

Structured handbags are known for their stability. It’s good for theorganization, contents accessibility, and a mature look.

The Ginger Boston from the house of Diophy is a premium quality structured handbag that’s preferred by women who like to look and dress with sophistication and prefer an aura of a certain kind of mild mystery about them.

Hobo bags

Hobo bags are unstructured handbags. They don’t have a spine along the top, that’s why it’s mostly curved. The bottom is quite stable. The major thing with them is their size. You must get a hobo bag based on your shape and proportions. An overly big or small hobo bag looks very unprofessional and clumsy.

The GF-2939 is a brilliant piece of work. It’s one of the top hobo bags out there, especially in Singapore at least. The color options are truly beautiful.Diophy hobo bags are known to be really high quality.